Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Wants ‘Baby J’ To Decide It’s Gender !?

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Wants ‘Baby J’ To Decide It’s Gender !?

If all these things are true, we are truly living in different times. We hear of people saying that their gender is different then what the organs they were born with dictate. We also hear these testimonies being given younger and younger. But I don’t think we have ever heard of someone not declaring their child’s gender at birth because they want their child too and allegedly that is the case of Jeannie Mai, Jeezy and Baby J.

A few weeks ago Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Jenkins welcomed their first child together, with Jeannie Mai posted stating that ‘Baby J’ is official here, posting the message along with a photo from the hospital nursery. That we know is fact.

What Jeannie Mai and Jeezy didn’t reveal was the baby’s real name, they have been calling him/her Baby J even before birth, nor did the very happy couple reveal the Baby J’s weight, height or gender. That is fact as well.

Jeannie Mai, who is quite naturally on maternity leave from her television show ‘The Real’, allowed her co-stars reveal her child’s name on on the show.

“Today is an extra exciting day because, guess what … we have a Baby J update. Welcome to the world, Monaco Mai Jenkins.”

That is fact

Jeannie Mai has also said that via her social media that postpartum is kicking her butt. That is fact.


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However a source is claiming that Jeannie and Jeezy believe their child, Monaco Mai Jenkins, should decide what their gender will be. They say expressing one’s gender identity is a personal decision that a child should make on its own.

Is this fact? This is where we type ALLEGEDLY.

This is Jeannie Mai’s first child and Jeezy’s fourth, the rapper has three other children, Jadarius, Shyheim and Amra  from previous relationships.

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