Mike Tyson Docuseries Trailer Has Dropped

Mike Tyson Docuseries Trailer Has Dropped

Back in the day at the beginning of Mike Tyson’s career when you had to pay extra to see the fight, people would have viewing parties at their houses.  Some people would chip in so the host could afford to get the fight plus refreshments.  The problem with those Mike Tyson fight parties if you were late just 5 minutes late you missed the fight because iron Mike was knocking people out after they took 2 steps out of their corner.  Mike Tyson was larger than life then things started spiraling with the failed marriage to Robin Givens, the biting of Holyfield’s ear to the tattooing of his face just to name a few incidents in his life.  

Mike Tyson was in his 20’s then but now he is a father at 54 years of age arguably the greatest Heavy Weight to step in the ring.

We heard Robin Given’s side of the story via Barbara Walters however we never really knew Mike Tyson, the man himself, was from Don King’s side of the story, but that is all about to change

Mike Tyson: The Knockout will air on ABC on May 25, at 8 p.m. EST, with the second part airing on June 1. The series will also be available to stream Hulu and video on demand. 

View the official trailer HERE


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