Ja Rule Escaped ‘FYRE’ Now He Wants To Do Your Taxes: Are You Down??

Ja Rule Escaped ‘FYRE’ Now He Wants To Do Your Taxes:  Are You Down??

The rapper Ja Rule is an interesting self proclaimed mogul who unlike Jay-Z, his quote end quote investments, ventures, ambitions or whatever you want to call them always ends in drama, but in 2020 he is pushing forward to the next thing, doing your taxes.

It’s being reported that Ja Rule announced via his Instagram that he has a new tax venture Value Tax, a tax preparation company with multiple locations across the country.

“It’s TAX SEASON!!! And we’re giving you $100 when you walk in the door!!!,” “Let us do your taxes walk out with $100 it’s that simple!!!” 

It appears the post has since been taken down.

Ja Rule if you remember was just barely able to walk away from “FYRE” fraud, you know the greatest music festival that never happened, without getting burned.  However his partner Billy McFarland wasn’t so fortunate.  Then in 2011, Jeffrey Bruce Atkins, AKA Ja Rule, was sentenced to 28 months in prison after failing to file taxes on more than $3 million from 2004 to 2006.  Not to mention over 8 years ago he plead guilty and sentenced to two years in prison for attempted criminal possession of a weapon.

The question is are you down with Ja doing your taxes?

see video below


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