It’s A Perfect Weekend To Binge Watch #TylerPerry #AaronHernandez #Netflix

It’s A Perfect Weekend To Binge Watch #TylerPerry #AaronHernandez #Netflix

The weather outside is very winter like, cold, with a little black ice and snow.  Not a combination that you would want to be walking around outside in but a perfect combination to grab your loved a glass of wine, some popcorn and your TV remote to watch some the highly anticipated Tyler Perry movie ‘A Fall From Grace’ and ‘Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’ streaming today, right now on Netflix.

Today Tyler Perry makes his Netflix movie streaming debut.  If your a ‘The Haves and The Haves Not’ fan, if your like me I can’t wait to see Miss Hanna (Crystal Fox) who in ‘A Fall from Grace’, plays Grace Waters a disheartened woman since her ex-husband’s affair, is restored by a new romance. But when secrets surface, Grace’s vulnerable side turns violent.  Tyler Perry has said many times that Crystal Fox is a Viola Davis caliber actress and ‘A Fall from Grace’ will show us the depths of her savant.  Looking at the trailer it looks like Miss Hanna may have a little Veronica Harrington in her.

Netflix has dropped the multifaceted story of the life of Aaron Hernandez the New England patriot that was convicted of murder then took his life in jail.  The docu-series masterfully explores the triple life of Hernandez that was suffering from childhood trauma and other personal issues, including “conflicting feelings over the death of a man he claimed had abused him, his sexuality and hidden demons in his life.

See trailers below


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