Drea Kelly & Daughter Buku Abi Sit Down To Talk R Kelly Updates [VIDEO]

It’s been sometime since the initial airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” on Lifetime and the life as R. Kelly seems to have changed considerably since then. R Kelly has been to jail then released, he has been made to perform at small venues for money, taken back to jail, made to pay all his back child support without income coming in not to mention the grand jury thing where his alleged survivors are testifying about being sexually assaulted.

But speaking of child support the people that are the recipients of this back payment, Drea Kelly & Daughter Buku Abi, have been doing a lot of moving and shaking, as they are the newest members of “Growing Up Hip Hop” But the other day they decided to sit down and give us the updated 411 as mother and daughter as to whats going on with them and their interactions with, R Kelly, the ex-husband, father.

Check out the video below


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