Darrell Johnson Now Say’s He Would Leave His Daughter With R Kelly 100%!?

R Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, who doesn’t seem to be doing very well in a crisis, is saying now everybody has got everything twisted and he wanted to clear it up.

In a video recorded on a phone opposed to the CBS professional camera, Darrell Johnson, first says the reason he is stepping away from the R. Kelly case is because he has a relative that is dying and he needs to be with his family right now and not because of the ‘CBS In The Morning’ Gayle King interview. Then secondly Johnson said that he was tripped up and things got twisted around with the interview conducted by Gayle King. According to Darrell Johnson it wasn’t live and he wished he would have done it differently because his answers were taken out of context. He then went on to say that he would 100% leave his daughter alone with R. Kelly.

All I know is this, after he seen what happened between Gayle King and Kell’s, why the hell would you go sit in front of her and set yourself up for the woo woo too? But more importantly why would R Kelly’s attorney’s allow all of this!? #IJS

Check out what Darrell Johnson had to say in the cell phone video below.


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