Damon Wayans Say’s Dave Chappelle “Freed the Slaves” with The Closer [VIDEO]

Damon Wayans Say’s Dave Chappelle “Freed the Slaves” with The Closer [VIDEO]

Netflix and Dave Chappelle had formed a beautiful relationship together so after The Age of Spin, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Equanimity, The Bird Revelation, and Sticks & Stones Dave Chappelle dropped the final chapter ‘The Closer’ on Netflix October 5th and it has been a Hell storm ever since from just some of the LBGTQ community.

Dave Chappelle closed out his 6 special deal with Netflix with some jokes about LBGTQ people not so much dogging them at all but just telling some funny stories.  The family of a late transgender comedian at the center of Dave Chappelle’s controversial new Netflix special threw their support behind him, saying he’s a misunderstood “LGBTQ ally.” But people are still wanting Netflix to take it down but Netflix rocks with Dave Chappelle and they are not doing it (well at least right now).

Actor/Comedian, Damon Wayans, took a look at ‘The Closer’ and his beliefs is that the stand up special has “freed the slaves” aka the comedians who may have been afraid to release certain material or speak on certain subject matters in fear of getting canceled.

“The comedians. We were slaves to PC culture,”  “As an artist, he’s Van Gogh with his ear off. He’s trying to tell us, ‘It’s okay.’”

Take a look at the video below


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