50 Cent Put Mo’Nique On As Promised ‘BMF’ Season 2 [VIDEO]

50 Cent Put Mo’Nique On As Promised ‘BMF’ Season 2  [VIDEO]

People might not like how rapper/Power King, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson, speaks his mind, but there is two things that are for sure, he is a marketing genius and he is a man of his word.  After 50 Cent witnessed actress/comedian Mo’Nique live in action on stage during Super Bowl weekend this year he said that he was going to put her on and he is being true to his word as he took to his favorite platform (social media) to announce that Mo’Nique will be joining his other Starz smash hit ‘BMF’ for season 2.

Just weeks after saying that Oprah and Tyler Perry needed to apologize to Mo’Nique for allegedly blackballing her, 50 Cent has picked up his pool stick and hit the cue ball into the green ball sinking it into the side pocket knocking the 8 ball away to the center of the table by announcing that Mo’Nique is the newest character to ‘BMF’ season 2 named ‘GOLDIE’.

“Guess who i got in BMF this season GOLDIE!” “GLGGreenLightGang I don’t miss, THE UNDER DOG’s BACK ON TOP.”

Congratulations Mo’Nique and kudos to 50 Cent for being a man of his word.

Take a look at the video post below.



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