Wyclef Jean Has Been Hospitalized [VIDEO]

Wyclef Jean Has Been Hospitalized [VIDEO]

When we stay grinding to make a living sometimes our bodies makes us shut it down, when our minds want to keep on hustling.  Wyclef Jean posted a video on his social media recently reminding us about that very fact, our bodies are our temples. 

Wyclef Jean posted that he was hospitalized for the first time ever, being wheeled away in a wheel chair opposed to his newest venture a Attucks Apex AP0 electric supercar, after launching his new automotive company.

Fugees founder, Wyclef Jean, thankfully, is looking at a full recovery after he gets some much-needed rest.  Wyclef told TMZ, after returning to Los Angeles from Miami last weekend, he felt numbness on the right side of his face and immediately sought care from his family doctor, who sent him to the ER, in which he was admitted as a result of exhaustion, which is also likely stress related.

Let’s take this as a lesson family, you must take some time to rest, because all of your hustle is for nothing, if you are not here to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Take a look at the video below.


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