The Fugees’ Pras Turns Down Plea Deal Over Chinese Spy Allegations

The Fugees’ Pras Turns Down Plea Deal Over Chinese Spy Allegations [VIDEO]

The world has been feenin for The Fugees to reunite and tour together once again, and not long ago that monkey on music fans back was going to be satisfied when it was announced that The Fugees were going to reunite for their 25th anniversary tour celebrating second album ‘The Score’.  But fans were let down when it was announced the tour was going to be cancelled due to COVID-19.  However that wasn’t quite the truth, allegedly the tour was cancelled do to Fugee member Pras’ legal problems, which included alleged money laundering and being accused of being spy for the Chinese government.

Pras Michel’s who is facing 22 years in prison is now speaking his truth for the court of public opinion.

Pras’ nightmare started back in a club in 2006, when Pras met a young Malaysian billionaire, Jho Low, who spent millions on booze in that single night, who stole $4.5 billion dollars from his country’s sovereign wealth fund known as 1MDB.  On New Year’s Even in 2012, the duo turned a private 50-seater plane into a mid-air nightclub as they shuttled their high-profile friends to Sydney, Australia.  They then made a return flight back to the United States to celebrate New Year’s a second time thanks to the time difference.  However, Low reportedly had designs of bribing the U.S. government as he had done with the Malaysian government amongst others, and used Pras’ relationship with Barack Obama as a means to do so.

Allegedly Pras had donated over a $1 million dollars of Low’s money to Barack Obama’s campaign in 2012 but said that the money came from several donors.  Pras was later indicted but refused the plea deal, now his attorneys are saying Pras is being used as scapegoat and because he turned down the plea deal the government has upped the ante.  

Pras also is claiming that his legal woes are not the reason for the highly anticipated Fugees reunion tour and says that the real reason was unrelated internal problems within the group were to blame for the cancellation.

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