Woman Kills Married Boyfriend Because He Was Cheating !? [VIDEO]

Woman Kills Married Boyfriend Because He Was Cheating !?  [VIDEO]

This is a different kind of Karin story.

This young lady clearly doesn’t listen to Reality Hour on The Sam Sylk Show because had she done so she might have realized that she was was way out of line now she has to spend the rest of her days in jail.

For the record ladies if you are dating a married man he is already a cheater and you are a side boo, so, it shouldn’t get you up set when you find out that he has another side boo, that man isn’t cheating on you, he is still cheating on his wife.  Remember her, side boo? 

51 year old Karin Stewart from Texas forgot all about the fact that her boyfriend, James Hargrove, had a wife when he professed his love of a 3rd woman to her so she killed him.   

According to report James Hargrove’s wife of 14 years, Sandra Hargrove, had no idea that her husband was cheating on her when he got out of the hospital after recovering from COVID for several months.  Sandra Hargrove thought that one of her husbands side boo’s was his caregiver.  But according to Karin Stewart, that had been dating James on and off for 7 years, who told deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office she had shot James several times killing him after he told her he wanted to be with a different woman, who was also at the home at the time of the shooting.

This wasn’t Karin Stewart’s first domestic violence rodeo Stewart was charged with felony battery in Jan. 2016, according to records, she got into an argument with her husband over keys and ran him over with a truck. 

Karin Stewart is now behind bars, being charged with murder.

Take a look at the video below.


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