Black Truck Driver Warned To Leave ‘Sundown Town’ in TX [VIDEO]

Black Truck Driver Warned To Leave ‘Sundown Town’ in TX [VIDEO]

There was a smash hit song that dropped back in 1979 titled ‘Sundown’, that still plays on radio stations and restaurants till this day, written by Gordon Lightfoot that was about  him worrying about his girlfriend, who was out at bars all day while he was at home writing songs.  A song about cheating and heartbreak.  However in 2022 we are learning that there is a such thing as a ‘sundown’ town that exist in all-white part of the United States and considered to be unsafe for Black people after dark.  It is also said that in certain areas of the nation they had signs indicating that “colored people” were to leave these places by sundown back in the day, but according to a black truck driver sundown towns still exist in Texas and the warning signs have been replaced with Strange Fruit dolls hanging in tree’s.

Sundown, you better take care, If I find you bin creepin’ round my back stairs. ♫

A black truck driver named Gideon took to his TikTok to place a video when he didn’t heed the warnings of rolling into Vidor, Texas that is allegedly a sundown town.

According to Gideon who captioned his video “My night in a sundown town” drove into Vidor at sundown but he couldn’t deliver his load until the next morning:

“Pretty much everybody I know in Texas that’s Black tells me, ‘Do not go to Vidor, Texas,’”  

When he noticed.

“a bunch of Confederate flags” as well as “a doll of a Black man wrapped in a Confederate flag hanging from a tree by his neck.”

Upon getting to his destination he was told.

“‘Dude, you might want to get up out of here as soon as possible, we’re at sundown, you want to leave here now,’”…”‘Don’t stop until you at least get to Beaumont.’”

Crazy, right?  Politicians are up in arms about Roe vs. Wade when we still have, ‘sundown towns’.

Take a look at Gideon’s video below.


@tittyboi81 #SundownTownIn2022 #GetOut ♬ original sound – Gideon Alvin white


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