NeNe Leakes Called Wendy Williams a Coke Head !?

NeNe Leakes Called Wendy Williams a Coke Head !?

The peach flinging has begun a little early.

You no longer have to wait for the reality television show Real Housewives of Atlanta to come on  Sunday’s during a season period, because it looks like RHOA 5.0 has been going down during the off season playing out in real time and it is getting down right nasty.

Here’s were it all started.

NeNe Leakes recently said during via her Youtube channel that she would not be returning to RHOA.  Andy Cohen sent her well wishes via Social Media.  Then responded to someone’s tweet saying she was pushed out of the show.

The great debate is rumor had it was she fired from RHOA or did she quit?  The person that you would think would know best is Andy Cohen Real Housewives franchise king, right?  Well the confusion continues.

Andy Cohen invited Wendy Williams onto his show ‘Watch What Happens Live’.  He asked Wendy Williams (friend of NeNe’s) what she thought about leaving/being fired from the show, and that’s when NeNe Leakes went smooth off via live tweets on Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams, calling Andy Cohen a racist and Wendy Williams a coke head.  

If you remember Wendy and NeNe just rekindled a friendship after Wendy Williams started going through her own real housewife drama.

We sure hope NeNe’s Twitter was hacked.

Check out the interview that started the latest fight and NeNe going in below.



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