HS Basketball Announcer Calls Players ‘N’ Word Live On Air [VIDEO]

As much progress is tried to be made in America against racism, the technology of the world today shows and proves that we have a long way to go, as what was once hidden and denied goes live and viral in matter of seconds.

During the pandemic High School basketball has tried to march on.  Instead of having a live audience a lot of games are streamed live for fans to enjoy whole everyone stays safe.  On Thursday night in Oklahoma,  Norman High’s girls’ basketball team took to the floor against Midwest City.  During the customary playing of the National Anthem the young ladies of Norman High School basketball decided to take a knee.  An outraged High School announcer decided to verbally voice his displeasure but obviously forgot that they were live streaming and that his mic was hot when he said “F****** N******…I hope Norman gets their ass kicked”

OSSAA released a statement from NFHS on its website saying they condemn racism while apologizing and that whey would investigate the incident.  No release of names or firing has been made at this time.

Take a listen below


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