Did Colin Kaepernick Turn His Workout Into A Publicity Stunt??

Did Colin Kaepernick Turn His Workout Into A Publicity Stunt??

Reportedly the NFL finally offered QB turned activist Colin Kaepernick a workout for this past weekend.   What that means is Colin Kaepernick would be show cased to maybe finally get back to his first love of playing football professionally after not taking a snap since 2016 after taking a knee.  Sounds like great news, right?  Well allegedly Kaepernick declined the NFL’s offer and had his own and the Jigga man allegedly is not happy about it.

According to reports Jay-Z feels that the NFL made Kaepernick a legitimate offer to workout, but allegedly Kaepernick didn’t think so because the NFL wasn’t going to allow the media so Kaepernick help his own to control his own narrative.   

Question:  How does a publicity stunt help him?

How did Colin Kaepernick’s workout go?  According to reports some say he hasn’t skipped a beat since 2016, some believe he is average,  but according to the man himself after his workout, the ball is in the NFL’s court now, mic drop.

Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, the biggest question is will the NFL let him back in?  Do you think he lost anything?  Take a look at Colin Kaepernick’s after workout statement and his live streamed workout below.



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