Cleveland Brown’s Fans May Not Be Very Happy About Jay-Z !?

If Cleveland Browns fans were all for Jay-Z partnering with the NFL or on the fence about the taking of the knee subject, according to the Jigga Man the moving past kneeling. I’m sure this bit of rumor mill news will have them if not in an uproar, they will definitely be taking sides against Jay-Z now.

It is being reported that Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z will be the first African American to become a football team owner, with the purchase of approximately a 5% interest in the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s right you heard me, Jay-Z, is not only teaming up with the NFL, he is also making history by becoming part owner of the team every Browns fan love to hate, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The majority of ownership will stay with the Rooney family and allegedly Jay-Z has already been vetted and the other NFL team owners are all for it.

Still O.J.!? Time will tell.

see video below


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