Kaepernick Responds To Jay-Z With Reversal of The Shade

Jay-Z has been taking a lot of heat with the announcement of him and his Roc Nation will be teaming up with the NFL funneled with rumblings that Jay will be part owner of a NFL team.

The heat is coming on Jay-Z because he was the one who said in a song that he doesn’t need the NFL, urging others not to participate in the NFL’s halftime shows etc, etc.  He responded to the heat with a press conference saying that the movement wasn’t about Colin Kaepernick losing his job for taking a knee, it was about the injustices and brutality served by a system that is supposed to protect and serve us.

Jay-Z say’s we’re past kneeling, Colin Kaepernick say’s really??

My Brothers @e_reid35@kstills @ithinkisee12 continue to fight for the people, even in the face of death threats. They have never moved past the people and continue to put their beliefs into action. Stay strong Brothers!!! ✊🏾

Check out Kaepernick’s shade reversal posts below.



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