50 Cent Tell’s Wendy Williams NO MORE VIP, WE CAN’T EVEN KICK IT!!

Wendy Williams tea spillin, unapologetically shade slinging ways are seemingly coming to pass.  But just like mama used to say, don’t dish it, if you can’t take it.

After a rocky start of 2019 with late starting her show, side boo now baby mama drama, now a pending divorce plus rumors that her TV show might even go away, allegedly (a rumor she denies). One might think if you say to Wendy, how you doin,her response might be singing in her Mary J Blige voice,I’m goin down. But to Wendy Williams she is living her best life, dating (a subject when asked about by Sam Sylk got him hung up on) and a comedy tour (which she has been cancelling dates for already).

Well Saturday night after she cancelled a show in Newark, (isn’t that her home town?), the gossip girl turned comedian decided to go and kick it at rapper 50 Cent’s party and that’s when 50, who’s been on his own trend of slaying folks on social media role went Ruff Endz on Wendy Williams telling her basically the way you talk about me you want to get into my VIP? NO MORE VIP, WE CAN’T EVEN KICK IT, NO MORE!! Capturing the whole “Bitch wait outside” moment on video then doing what he does, posting it on IG.

Talk about Sylky karma…#IJS

Check it out below



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