BMF Fans Surprised By Yung Miami’s Performances And Big Meech’s Appearance [VIDEO]

BMF Fans Surprised By Yung Miami’s Performances And Big Meech’s Appearance [VIDEO]

50 Cent has been the King of cult following television for some years now staring off with ‘Power’ on Starz, which gave birth to the Marvel like ‘Power Universe’.  50 latest project that has developed another cult following is the story of ‘BMF’ that is loosely based on the ‘Black Mafia Family’ that ruled the 90’s in many ways.

This week on ‘BMF’ on Starz fans got a few surprises, some that they were not feeling and another that gave some a much pleasant surprise.

Surprise number one, is that crazy ass Lamar killed fan favorite Monique, Detroit native, actress Arkeisha Knight/rapper Kash Doll.  50 Cent rule in ‘Power’ was no character was above getting got and it seems that rule has carried down to ‘BMF’.  Monique tried to turn Lamar into a crackhead and Lamar wasn’t having it, so he chocked her to death after she put up a good fight, smashing Lamar over the head with Blackie’s ashes.

Surprise number two was Caresha Brownlee best known as rapper Yung Miami making her debut to the show as “Deanna” the wife of one of Meech’s new business partners, Ty, of whom Meech begged his wife to let him go to the strip club with them, promising to bring him back, only for ole boi to get shot.  Fans were a little ruff on Yung Miami’s performance saying she needed to get some acting lessons.  The dragging was so bad that it prompted Yung Miami to respond, STOP LAUGHING AT MY ‘BMF’ SCENE… I’m a Real Actor!!!

The SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE was when Lil Meech who plays the role of his father Big Meech, released the beast that has folks on social media rebranding Demetrius Flenory Jr ‘BIG MEECH’.   50 Cent’s other television rule is that every actor must be able to reveal their forbidden fruit, and that includes himself.  Fans lost their mind on social media after Meech’s sex scene when he made the big reveal, and it wasn’t a sneak peek either.  Some viewers even questioned if Lil Meech was using a prosthetic penis.

Take a look at all 3 season 2 episode 9 BMF surprises below.


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