Alleged Sex Tape Accuser Suing Kevin Hart For $60 Mil Can’t Get Her Story Staright

Two years ago Kevin Hart got put on front street as a cheater when a sex tape leaked online of him and an alleged stripper in a Las Vegas hotel getting busy.   The video was leaked by Kevin Harts ex-homeboy who was trying to extort his friend Kevin Hart for money.

According to the young lady that was boo’d up with a married Kevin Hart, whose wife by the way was pregnant, said that she was a victim as well and that she wasn’t trying to get any money from Hart they were just two consensual people doing what they do.

Well all that, I’m a victim as well has two years later turned into lawyering up and suing Kevin Hart for $60 million dollars.  Why?  Because according to Montia Sabbag, who claims now that she is not a stripper but an entertainer/actress, and she also claims that Kevin Hart was a part of video taping them so that he could get more publicity for himself.  Montia Sabbag also say’s all the publicity from the incident has hurt her career.  Ummm Hmmm

According to team Kevin Hart, he has been working with the DA in regards to all of this extortion mess and as far as Kevin Hart is concerned she ain’t getting NATHAN!!  

Check out Montia Sabbag press conference below.


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