3 Police Fired For Talking About Killing Black People On Their Dashcam!?

3 Police Fired For T About Killing Black People On Their Dashcam!?

In Wilmington North Carolina 3 police officers were terminated for riding in their police car fantasizing out loud about killing black people.  Who told?  Their dashcam that was accidentally running and that is monitored as a routine inspection.

Chief Donny Williams announced the firing of officers James Gilmore, 48; Jesse Moore II, 50; and Kevin Piner, 44 in a Wednesday press conference, saying their comments were ”brutally offensive and deserved immediate action.  In the conversation the officers had, allegedly, when speaking of a Black Lives Matter protest ”that the only thing this agency is concerned with is ‘kneeling down with the Black folks,’ Then in another conversation an officer can be heard referring to a judge as a ”f—ing Negro, ” after the judge had questioned the officer about arresting a black woman.  When the officers spoke of the recent racial climate going on they could heard saying ”We are just gonna go out and start slaughtering them, ”  ‘wipe ’em off the f—ing map. That’ll put ’em back four or five generations. ‘ 

Take a look at the press conference below.


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