Traci Braxton Has Receipts About What Really Happened at The Wedding [VIDEO]

Traci Braxton Spills Her Own Tea About What Happened At The Wedding

The Braxton family has been through a lot since Nappa Valley.  2020 through the pandemic at them, then there was the tragic news that Tamar Braxton had attempted suicide, the on top of that Tamar’s ex boyfriend/fiancé that at first had us to believe saved her life has tried to file a restraining order against Tamar which led to a bunch of other drama, which has now led us up to the new season of The Braxton Family Values that led off with Trina Braxtons bridal shower followed up by her beautiful wedding that got over shadowed by a big scene put on by Traci Braxton.

But was the scene really Traci Braxtons fault?

Traci Braxton sat down in video interview to give her side of the story of what happened at the wedding and according to Traci she has receipts.  According to Traci Braxton her son’s fiancé Olivia did not start the chaos by saying the sisters were laughing at Traci as a matter of fact according to Traci Braxton, the Braxton sisters don’t even know Olivia.  Traci say’s it started when they seated their mother Ms. E at the table with Traci, and their fathers now with Ms. Wanda.  Fast forwarding to what went on behind the black tent…Towanda Braxton in a tweet say’s things heated up when Traci tired to fight their mother however Traci Braxton said that almost fight broke out when Tamar’s then Fiancé David put his hands on Traci, and she has receipts.

Take a look at the video below


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