Teen Burger King Employee Killed In Planned Robbery Gone Way Bad [VIDEO]

Teen Burger King Employee Killed In Planned Robbery Gone Way Bad [VIDEO]

Everyone that has a child, worst nightmare is something happening to them when they leave the shelter of our homes.  Especially when they join the work force to earn a little extra cash in the days and times we are living in.  So when news broke that a teenager working for a Burger King in Milwaukee was killed in a robbery while working the drive-thru window our hearts broke, however the latest update on her murder is even more disturbing as it is being reported that the teenager was part of the robbery that went bad and her co-worker that was trying to defend her actually is the one that actually shot and killed her.

Here is what happened.

16-year-old girl, Niesha Harris-Brazell who worked at Burger King was part of a plan to rob the Burger King with her best friend/co-worker, Mariah Edwards, and her best friend’s father, Antoine Edwards.  On January 2, 2022, Niesha Harris-Brazell and Mariah Edwards was working at the Burger King when a black Chevy Impala allegedly driven by Antoine Edwards drove up to the drive-thru window brandishing a gun and demands money.  Niesha Harris-Brazell who was at the drive-thru window went to get the money from the cash registers and allegedly tells her co-workers she needed help.  Video shows Antoine Edwards lifting himself through the drive-thru window with a gun in one hand. But suddenly, when shots are fired, the robber flees the scene without the money, and Harris-Brazell drops to the ground.  However another camera from inside the restaurant shows when Harris-Brazell called for help during the robbery,  one of her coworkers, Derrick Ellis, took out a gun, and fired it twice, aiming at Edwards but he accidentally shot Harris-Brazell instead.

Mariah Edwards, Antoine Edwards daughter and Niesha Harris-Brazell bestfriend/co-worker was arrested after confessing to crafting the scheme with her father and best friend.  Antoine Edwards has been charged with felony murder, intentionally contributing to the delinquency of a child and death is consequence, and possession of a firearm by a felon.  Derrick Ellis who allegedly is a convicted felon is on the run and has since been charged with murder. 

Talk about a tragic story of ‘oh what a web we weave’….take a look at the video below.


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