Senator Sandra Williams Talks Ohio 10.5 Cent Gas Tax Increase Live

As if gas prices were not high enough, brothers and sisters of Ohio they are saying if you want those mini wadding pools that have been plaguing the streets and highways fixed, you are going to have to render a little something extra at the gas pump to Caesar.

According to FOX19 this is what the gas tax means for you at the pumps starting today.

Gas is up 10.5 cent per gallon and 19 cents for diesel fuel. It brings the state tax rate to 38.5 cents a gallon per gas and 47 cents for diesel fuel.

Take a listen to what Senator Sandra Williams had to say to Sam Sylk of the Sam Sylk Show about the new gas increase as well as what the Cleveland Community thinks below.

Please leas us your comment on what the Senator had to say as well as your thoughts on the Gas Tax Increase.


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