Rapper Boosie Hires Woman To Go Down On His Minor Son !? [VIDEO]

Rapper Boosie Hires Woman To Go Down On His Minor Son !?  [VIDEO]

Back in 1992 SWV said DOWNTOWN that’s the way to my love, but in 2020 the rapper Boosie say’s downtown is the way to preparation for manhood.

37 year old Torrence Hatch Jr. of Baton Rouge, LA better known as the rapper Boosie Badazz aka Boosie went live to give a parenting lesson on how to prepare boys to be men, and explain to people that he had not only prepared his son, but his nephews as well by hiring a super grown woman to provide fellatio on them. According to Boosie his son’s and nephews were 12 to 13 years of age, and that’s how it’s supposed to be, that’s how they prepare and learn. And to make sure Ms. super grown woman was about her stuff he had her do him as well.

I don’t what prompted him to give his version of a good parenting lesson, but his fans weren’t happy about Bossie’s admission, commenting on his live video that he homophobic and supported rape culture and some even thought maybe a visit from children service’s would be in order.

Crazy, right?  Or maybe you agree with Boosie’s manhood rearing methods.  Take a look at Boosie’s live video below and give us your thoughts.


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