Prayers: Lifestyle Icon B. Smith Has Passed Away Age 70

Prayers:  Lifestyle Icon B. Smith Has Passed Away Age 70

Prayers are in order as it has been reported that the legendary restaurateur, model, author, businesswoman and television host, Barbara Elaine Smith best know as B. Smith has passed away at  the age of 70 years old after a long battle with  early-onset Alzheimers.

B. Smith known as the black Martha Stewart, was the first woman of color to beautifully grace the cover of Mademoiselle in 1976.  After a verysuccessful modeling career in 1992 B. Smith married her now husband Dan Gasby in 1992.  The couple created an empire that included best-selling cookbooks, the weekly show, a lifestyle magazine and a B. Smith furniture line.  B. Smith also opened restaurants in Manhattan’s theater district, Long Island and in the historic Union Station complex in Washington, D.C.

B. Smith and her husband went public with her being diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2014.  Then in 2018 B. Smith’s husband made headlines when confirmed that he and his girlfriend Alex Lerner were caring for B. Smith while living in B. Smith’s home.

B. Smith who passed away in her home surrounded by family is survived by Dan Gasby was the executive producer of the Essence Awards and the senior vice president of marketing at Camelot Entertainment Sales Inc. and her stepdaughter Dana.

Rest in paradise B. Smith and we will be keeping the family of B. Smith uplifted in our prayers.

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