Prayers Are In Order: 7 Dead In Another Mass Shooting In Texas

Prayers are in order as there has been another a mass shooting in Texas after police tried to stop a car for what seemed like a simple traffic stop.

This time the shooting occurred in Odessa, Texas.

When the police went to approach a car being stopped for a traffic stop around 3:00 pm the driver immediately shot the police.  Before taking off then carjacking a postal truck.  The shooter then started firing shots at civilians at a movie theater, where a shoot-out ensued between the shooter and police.  The shooter was killed,  21 people were wounded and the death toll has risen to 7 one them included a toddler.

All that is being said about the shooter at this time is that it was a male in his 30’s and that police don’t believe it was planned.

We will be keeping the families in this tragedy uplifted in our prayers.

See the video below


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