LeBron James Drops His Newest Business Venture Lobos 1707

LeBron James Drops His Newest Business Venture ‘Lobos 1707’

So what does LeBron James do after leaving the NBA bubble with his 4th championship ring?  Move on to the next thing

LeBron James is more than just an athlete he is a man who has very wisely been making his money make more money with his different business ventures. Now King James is joining the likes of P Diddy, 50 Cent and even the legendary Michael Jordan with his newest investment, Lobos 1707.

Diddy gave us Ciroc (Vodka) then 50 Cent dropped EFFEN Vodka now Just The Kid From Akron is giving us Lobos 1707.

LeBron James dropped the news that he is now investing in a new tequila company that he feel in love with while vacationing in Italy, Lobos 1707.

Lobos 1707 will cost you a mere $45 to $150 depending on which bottle you choose to put in your repartee’.

LeBron James excited about his new venture extended and invitation via his personal Instagram.

We’re excited to have all of you, your family, and friends around the table. And if we run out of room… we’ll just build a bigger table! 

Take a look at the videos below


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