Kyle Rittenhouse Is Still Playing With Guns [VIDEO]

Kyle Rittenhouse Is Still Playing With Guns  [VIDEO]

Kyle Rittenhouse is more or less now just rubbing the wrong he did in peoples face, by still playing with guns.

An armed with a AR-style semi-automatic weapon 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse hitched a ride from his mommy who drove him across state lines to a Black Live Matter protest in Kenosha where he proceeded to shoot 3 people killing 2 of them.  Kyle Rittenhouse was tried in a court of his peers, cried, had a border line asthma attack, beat the murder case now he wants to raise money to come after people he feels defamed him, making money off the very thing that landed him in a position to be defamed after killing 2 people, a shooting video game.

Kyle Rittenhouse revealed his plans to release a new video game called ‘Turkey Shoot” where players can shoot “fake news” turkeys to gain points—which is an attempt for him to earn money to sue the media.

Thank God the government is worried about abortions, contraceptives and same sex marriages opposed to gun violence…#IJS

Take a look at the video below then let us know your thoughts on Kyle Rittenhouse and his new game.


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