Jay-Z Is Not A Businessman But A Business Man: Part NFL Team Owner!?

The rapper Jay-Z and his Roc Nation decision to teaming up with the NFL to be advisers on NFL entertainment, the NFL Gameday Experience and will help select artists to perform at major NFL games, including the Super Bowl, had the internet on fire since the announcement.

The great debate started on whether Jay-Z was becoming is own version of his 4:44, The Story of O.J., that prompted Jigga to respond on an education of do YOU really know what the struggle with taking knee’s and Colin Kaepernick was really about.

Well the story has another chapter to it, not only will Jay-Z be a producer in all things NFL, TMZ is reporting that Shawn Carter will be a part owner of a NFL team.  And not like that fake out ownership he had with the Brooklyn Net’s.

FYI, it was Jay-Z that led the movement for entertainers and all walks of life to boycott the Super Bowl last year.

Jay say’s we are past kneeling, but are you and is this the answer?


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