Dionne Warwick Checked Wendy Williams [VIDEO]

Dionne Warwick Checked Wendy Williams [VIDEO]

Sometimes people take advantage of the old school by coming for them not expecting them to catch nor hear some shade being thrown their way.  Well the legendary R&B singer Dionne Warwick heard about Wendy Williams taking about her on The Wendy Williams show so Dionne Warwick had to check her in the place where she knew Wendy would get it…on Twitter.

Wendy Williams during her hot topics was throwing shade at Dionne Warwick because she didn’t ‘like’ her on Twitter.  Wendy then went on to call her aunt Dionne, then talked about Dionne Warwick getting caught at the airport with weed along time ago.

Wendy clearly forgot that the 79 year old Dionne Warwick was Whitney Houston’s people and much like her late cousin she had to get Wendy together by letting her know, the morning she wakes up before she puts on her makeup she says a little prayer for Wendy before she told Wendy too KEEP MY NAME OUTTA YA MOUTH !!

Hilarious !!  Check out the blow by blow below, but before you do that go follow Dionne Warwick on Twitter.


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