Corner Store Connie Disrespects Kid Capri !? [VIDEO]

Corner Store Connie Disrespects Kid Capri !? [VIDEO]

Who doesn’t know the legendary Hip Hop DJ Kid Capri?  Evidently Corner Store Connie didn’t when there was a video standoff between ‘Connie’ and Kid Capri after she disrespected him when he entered a corner store.

According to the video below Kid Capri, wearing a black hoodie, walked into a corner to pick up a little somethin somethin when Corner Store Connie yelled across the store “remove your hoodie!!” when Kid Capri went to address Connie, while on video, she then told him, “that’s not necessary” and that’s when Kid Capri told her “Yes it is”, the legendary DJ let Connie know that her actions were disrespectful and discriminatory, and that’s when the battle of the video games began.

Did Corner Store Connie know what she was getting herself into, or nah?

Take a look at the video below.

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