Chi-Town House Party Shelters In Hundreds !? [VIDEO]

Chi-Town House Party Shelters In Hundreds !?  [VIDEO]

To the window, to the wall, this past weekend a video went viral of some young folks in Chicago having a house party, clearly giving the wrong interpretation of Stay at Home/Sheltering-In

It appears that the New School is clearly struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, while everyone in America is fight for their health as the extremely contagious virus spreads and kills some.  Our New Schoolers are fighting to drink a Corona outside of their dwellings with limited family members, in someone else’s that has over 100 others packed in it, with music blasting, blunt passing and only one homie wearing a mask.  

Are they worried about getting the coronavirus, according to them Hell to the nawwww.  Hence why they chose to go LIVE on Facebook.

Question is, who’s house is that!?

Chicago police are aware of the video however they say can not pinpoint the location of the party.

Take a look at the videos below.


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