Chance The Rapper Picked Up Grammys & Looking To Drop His 1st Album!?

Chicago’s own Chance The Rapper picked up his first Grammy off a ‘EP’, a mixtape titled ‘Coloring Book’. And although he won ‘Best Rap Album’, he made history as the first to win in that category with a streaming-only album. What does that mean exactly. It means that Chance The Rapper, the independent rapper, has claimed his success solely on his own by dropping music whenever he feels like. He has yet to produce an album. And an album is something on Chance The Rapper’s ‘Things to Do’ list and looks like that to do is coming sooner than later.

But what exactly would this master piece of Chance The Rapper be comprised of? Musical genius at its best, an artistry of which music was intended to be.

Take a look at the video below.


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