Attempted Lynching Caught On Video, No Charges Filed!?

Attempted Lynching Caught On Video, No Charges Filed!?

Praise God that this Indiana man is alive to share his story, but how hellish is it that in 2020 that surviving a lynching is even a story to share?

Vauhxx Booker shared this horrifying lynching story on his Facebook:

Vauhxx Booker was chillin with friends taking in nature while they were walking through the woods at Lake Monroe in Indiana.  A man with a rebel flag wrapped around himself came up on the group yelling that they were trespassing.  The next thing Mr. Booker knew more attackers showed up slamming him into a tree, while trying to break his arms and lynch him.  Someone was able  to save him then call 911.  However 911 redirected them to another agency which making a long disgusting story short no charges have been filed however a report has been filed.

Crazy right!!

See Vauhxx Booker’s post and videos below


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