ASAP Rocky Testified Today!! [VIDEO]

Justice didn’t seem like it has been coming ASAP for rapper ASAP Rocky but today was his day.

After being held in jail for almost a month in Sweden for a street fight that according to the rapper, ASAP Rocky, he was trying to defend himself, but Swedish prosecutors think that his actions were quite the opposite, now today ASAP finally gets to tell his truth by testifying in court.

The biggest thing that is being bantered about is a bottle that was used in the fight.  Prosecutors are saying the so-called victim who was without question harassing the rapper, however ASAP is saying that he did pick up the bottle because he didn’t want the other guys to use the bottle but that he put the bottle back down. According to ASAP Rocky they even tried to get some help from some African girls to tell the guy’s to leave them alone. ASAP didn’t call 911 because they didn’t know how to and Uber wasn’t working.

Take a listen to ASAP Rocky’s testimony below, then give us your thoughts.


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