Priceless Business Tips From The Master, Master P [VIDEO]

In 1998 Master P was telling you that he had the hook up, holla if you here him, but in 2019 he is far from Hip Hop and embracing his maturations in life and through his maturations he is still successful as a businessman as well as a father.

Rapper Master P with his son Romeo by his side sat down and talked about his blessings and giving back to the community as well as positivity being first in his life. He also took the time to give some priceless jewels on how to be successful in business. Master P also broke down how a lot of artist get got by wanting to be artist with quick more opposed to putting in the work and investing in themselves. He also said a lot of artists have attorney’s that tell the artist what to do opposed to telling the attorney that they are paying what to do.

Take a listen to Master P give you a lesson in business, the true key’s to success in the interview below.


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