103 Year Old Goes Viral For Sharing How She Picked Cotton for 14 Hrs, 50 Cents a Day [VIDEO]

103 Year Old Goes Viral For Sharing How She Picked Cotton for 14 Hrs, 50 Cents a Day [VIDEO]

This is a true testament of forgiveness and thankfulness.

The trending topic as we are on almost 2 years living in a pandemic that has affected lives as well as lively hoods, with people losing their jobs, businesses closing down because they can’t get help as well as the cost per hour raising consumer prices with businesses trying to attract help.  The Christmas holiday approaching with talks of buying gifts to be shipped possibly being a problem because of cargo ships stuck out on the water and shipping ports being short of help so therefore goods to retailers are being delayed.  With this being the week of Thanksgiving a time when we are trying to safely be able to sit down for a Thanksgiving meal (that is hopefully affordable because of the pandemic), a time that we say grace as well as share what we are thankful for, a 103 year old woman has gone viral for sharing her story of how she made .50 cents a day, picking cotton for 14 hours a day.

We ain’t what we oughta be. We ain’t what we want to be. We ain’t what we gonna be. But, thank Godwe ain’t what we was.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Thanksgiving always brings about stories from our elders, as we congregate, from back in the day, and that was no different for Shanika Bradshaw as she filmed her grandmother, Madie Scott, talking about her experience as a teenager working as a sharecropper for .50 cents a day.  Shanika Bradshaw asked her grandmother who will be turning 104 in December if she forgave the people she worked for and Ms. Scott replied:

‘Yeah, I did forgive them a long time ago. Even though I was overworked and put in so much work and was paid so little.’”

Take a listen to the 103 year old grandmother that worked until 1989 in the viral video below.

@blackbeauty_305Grandma picked cotton from 3am-5pm every day.. She was paid barely anything. Smh! ##storytime

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