Woman That Was Physically Tossed Out Of Bishop Whiteheads Church Speaks [VIDEO]

Woman That Was Physically Tossed Out Of Bishop Whiteheads Church Speaks [VIDEO]

You just can’t make this stuff up, amen, hallelujah.

Every church streams their services live especially following the pandemic however it seems the livest church stream going is Bishop Whitehead’s Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry where he was robbed at gun point during one service recently and this past weekend the Bishop literally laid hands on a woman and tossed her out during a live stream.

According to the Bishop Whitehead, two women came into the church reminiscent of how he got robbed, talking loud.  The Bishop then said to one of the women, “You want to come preach? Come on up here,”.  

One of the woman approached the alter only to be greeted be the sounds of the Bishop speaking in tongues before he grabbed her and cast out the church like a demon being exorcised. 

911 was called as the woman in another live video outside appeared to bleeding while asking the police to retrieve her purse, which the church told the police according to the other video, wasn’t there.

The woman that police has identified as 47 year old Tarsha Howard, is now speaking out in an interview with Larry Reid telling her side of WTH really happened, and how this is the first and last interiew she is doing because she is obtaining legal council.

Would you be a tither at this church?

Take a look at the video below.


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