Woman Files Lawsuit After Being Attacked By Police At Sam’s Club

Woman Files Lawsuit After Being Attacked By Police At Sam’s Club

How many times have you went to a store to make a major purchase, you pay for your item, go to get your vehicle, find out it doesn’t fit in your car so you have to leave to get another way of getting the item home?  Well for a lady in St. Louis that discovery led to her and her son being physically attacked by police now she is suing. 

68 year old Marvia Gray just wanted to purchase a TV from Sam’s Club, which she did.  When they tried to put it in the car it didn’t fit.  So they had to come back to pick it up.  When they returned with a receipt they were held up because the store employee thought the TV had been stolen, once they seen that the purchase was all good they took it outside to load it up, when a police officer decided on his own that it was stolen and made a call saying that he witnessed the theft.  When the son got home and told Ms. Gray what happened she said you know what I’m taking it back and getting my money.

But according to Marvia Gray’s lawsuit when she went to return the TV things went left and the whole ugly scene was captured on the store video.

The lawsuit alleges that four Des Peres police officers “without cause or adequate provocation and in the presence of countless witnesses, violently and physically seized Marvia Gray and Derek Gray, throwing them to the floor, beating them, handcuffing them, then arresting them.”

Take a look at the video below


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