WOA!! Chrissy Teigen Called Trump A ‘Pu$$y A$$ B@tch’ !?

You would think that with the recent mass shootings, the devastation of hurricane Dorian and the trouble with China, our, well, the President of The United States, Donald Trump would have more important things to worry about.  But evidently not, because he took the time to go on a tirade on Twitter about singer John Legend and I quote his “filthy mouth wife” Chrissy Teigen.  But if it’s one thing that we have learned about John Legends wife is you don’t come for her husband and damn sure better not come for her, hence the dress down Chrissy Teigen gave Trump.

What does Chrissy Teigen think of Trump calling her a fifty mouth wife?   Chrissy Teigen say’s that Trump is a ‘Pu$$y A$$ B@tch’ ….WOA!!

Take a look at what started the Twitter fight and what ended it below

Take a look below


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