Singer Chico DeBarge Arrested For Possession of Meth!?

Singer Chico DeBarge Arrested For Possession of Meth!?

It is so sad that a family that is so talented, seems to be riddled with drug infestation.  It is being reported that singer Jonathan ‘Chico’ DeBarge and little brother of the famous singing DeBarge family was arrested for having methamphetamine on his persons.

According to reports Chico DeBarge locked his keys in his car at Walmart, while trying to use a coat hanger to gain reentry into the car police thought he was trying to break into a car, searched him and found meth in his pockets. 

Chico DeBarge held his own in the music world with his smash hit “Talk to Me” only for his rising star to be dimmed when he was arrested for drug trafficking with his legendary singer brother, SWITCH member, Bobby DeBarge.  In 2003 Chico was stabbed while touring with the Tyler Perry play Why Did I Get Married? while inside a night club, In 2007, he was arrested for drug possession in California and later went to rehab. In 2009, he admitted to being addicted  to heroin, cocaine and prescription medication and based his album, titled Addiction, on his drug usage.

It has been widely reported that other members of this phenomenal singing family have been afflicted with addiction. We will be praying for healing for the entire DeBarge family.

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