Rick James Estate Is being Sued For $50 Million Over Rape Allegation!?

Rick James Estate Is being Sued For $50 Million Over Rape Allegation!?

The man who made Mary Jane sexy and gave us one of the most soulful singers of our time, his partner in Fire and Desire, the late Teena Marie, the late Motown great Rick James is being reported being sued from beyond the grave.  It is being report that a young lady who was 15 years old in 1979 was raped by the Superfreak star and is seeking $50 million dollars from his estate.

According to a report an unidentified young lady is claiming that in 1979 after Rick James released his first album, Come Get It!, which featured hits, You and I, Mary Jane and if you are really a Rick James fan album cut hit Dream Maker,  visited a Buffalo, New York youth detention home and allegedly raped her.  According to the lawsuit filed in Erie County Supreme Court:

“the violent rape” has left her suffering ongoing “physical, psychological and emotional injury,” leading to drink and drug abuse and “serious thoughts of suicide.”

The alleged victim had never reported the alleged rape to police nor the late Rick James.

James Ambrose Johnson Jr. AKA Rick James passed away August 6, 2004 at the age of 56 in his home from pulmonary failure and cardiac failure, associated with his various health conditions of diabetes, a stroke, pacemaker, and heart attack.

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(Article via wivb.com ) The late Rick James, a famous singer and songwriter born in Buffalo, is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in 1979. The accuser, who is anonymous in the Child Victims Act lawsuit, alleges that James threatened to cut her and raped her in an upstairs bedroom of a group home. Her affidavit states that in the spring of 1979 when she was 15 years old, James came to the group home on Richmond Avenue to meet with one of her house parents. She said James was brought through the dining room where a group of young females “we all excited to meet him.” “I did not know who Rick James was and shrugged and said I don’t know him,” the accuser wrote in her affidavit. “Almost immediately, Rick James was very suggestive and inappropriate towards me. He made me feel very uncomfortable.” The accuser said she went upstairs to her room, where she changed into her nightgown and laid on her bed to read. She alleges that James came into her bedroom and laid on top of her. “He grabbed my hair and pushed my head into the pillow,” the accuser wrote in her affidavit. “I tried to fight him off, but he told me to ‘shut up and quit moving or I’ll cut you.’ He violently ripped off my underwear and proceeded to violent rape me and ejaculate inside of me. He then threatened me that if I told anyone, he would know where to find me.” The accuser said that she continues to suffer from physical, psychological and emotional pain and had abused alcohol briefly as a teenager and used drugs as a result of the incident. She is suing the singer’s estate, the James Ambrose Johnson Jr. 1999 Trust, for $50 million. James is best known for his song “Super Freak,” which is on his most successful album, Street Songs. The singer’s drug addiction and legal issues slowed his career. In 1993, he was convicted of kidnapping and torturing two different women, according to his Wikipedia biography. He served three years in prison. In 1998, he suffered a stroke and announced his retirement. James died on Aug. 6, 2004, in his Los Angeles home and he is buried in Buffalo at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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