Leaked Audio Of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols With LBJ’s Publicist Talking Diversity Has Caused A Social Media Fire Storm

Leaked Audio Of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols With LBJ’s Publicist Talking Diversity Has Caused A Fire Storm [AUDIO]

The day and age of audio/video has been a wonderful thing when capturing injustices then post them only to viral proving a point of how far we are from being free of racism.  Amateur audio/video in real time has introduced us to the ‘Karen’s’ of the world, been crucial pieces of evidence when bringing murders to justice and documentarians of the Black Lives Matter movement.  However recently it’s the professional audio/video of ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that has social media on fire when she forgot to turn off her recording when speaking to LeBron James publicist Adam Mendelsohn about the diversity issues of ESPN and how she was not willing to let them replace her with a rising star Maria Taylor just because of ESPN’s feeling pressure about their crappy longtime record on diversity.  Not only did Nichols forget to turn the recording off but the feed went directly to ESPN and was shared amongst staff there before it was leaked to the New York Times.

QUICK RECAP:  According to the audio Rachel Nichols a white female NBA reporter for ESPN say’s they wanted her to team up with Maria Taylor a black female doing hosting/sideline reporting.  Rachel Nichols told LBJ’s publicist that she told them ,hell to the no, that would set it up for Maria Taylor to take her spot.  The audio goes on with Adam Mendelsohn giving Nichols his thoughts on the BLM and how exhausting it is and how Nichols can frame what ESPN was trying to do to her.

The question is what will ESPN do now?

Where do we go from here,  My love, Do we walk away or do we keep on trying?

But the biggest question is what will LeBron James do with a publicist that is exhausted with Black Lives Matter when LBJ is in fact one of those black lives that matter?  Mendelsohn obviously forgot that a black man hands him a paycheck.

Take a the complete leaked audio below


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