Mother Was Having A Bad Day Until Migos Rapper Offset Paid For Her Items at Target [VIDEO]

Mother Was Having A Bad Day Until Migos Rapper Offset Paid For Her Items at Target [VIDEO]

With all the bad news we hear about going on in the world with senseless killings, racism and smash and grabs thank God that we have stories like this to show that everything in the world isn’t ALL BAD and we are not living in hell right now.

A woman wasn’t having a very good day, so her family decided to take her shopping at her favorite store Target when this happened.

Since my mom didn’t get much rest the night before, last minute she asked me to get her a concealer to cover the bags under her eyes. She didn’t know if I got her the right color, so as we were checking out I was literally applying the concealer under her eyes (it was the right shade) .

While we were bagging everything up a women stood next to our the check out station and at first (to us) seemed to be waiting for someone. She overheard our conversation about the concealer and started recommending us other brands makeup that she heard were good.

Everything seemed to be pretty normal until the cashier told us how much our items were.

That’s when the women beside us quickly handed over the cashier $200. My mom and I were like Huhhh 👁👄👁 lol … we were so confused and then she said “ this is from Offset…” and thats when my mom just started to tear up.

He came over and gave my mom the biggest hug. He told her that whatever she was going through, that she would be okay .

The person who decided to bless the mother was no other than Migos rapper Offset and the daughter took to her IG to express her video gratitude to him.

Take a look at the video below


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