Montel Jordan Dropping R&B New Music & God Trusting Him To Do So [VIDEO]

The Jordan family is showing people “this is how we do it”!! Singer/Pastor Montel Jordan sat down to talk about the amazing news that he is dropping new R&B music, along with being in the ministry.

The question was posed to Montel Jordan is it possible to be a saved christian and pastor and sing R&B music. Montel Jordan’s answer was with order, discipline and through all things in Christ and putting him first all things are possible. Faith is what is in you not what is visual. Montel Jordan say’s music doesn’t define him but that he defines music, and with that he feel’s God has trusted him to sing R&B.

Montel Jordan also talks about how he had to step away from the mic to get where he is now, how his child will never know what divorce looks like and his joint venture with his wife as authors.

Take a listen to Montel Jordan giving a word behind a mic in a studio that is fitting for the pulpit, plus his new single “When I’m Around You” below.


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