Misa Hylton Shares Inside Diddy’s House Raid And Is Heated About It [VIDEO]

Misa Hylton Shares Diddy House Raid And Is Heated About It [VIDEO]

Homeland Security raided two of Diddy’s homes in connection with a federal sex trafficking investigation. Aerial footage appeared to reveal his sons, Justin and Christian Combs, in handcuffs outside his Holmby Hills residence.

We all know Hip Hop fashion designer Misa Hylton isn’t for play play when it comes to her son, Justin, with whom she shares with Diddy.  Misa came for Diddy when Justin got in trouble for drinking and driving so you can only imagine what happened when the raid went down and she was able to see inside the homes surveillance cameras, showing military guns pointed at her child’s head while a drone was zipping around.

Misa is furious over what she calls a clear and out-of-bounds show of force — which she characterizes as more than excessive. She writes, “The overzealous and overtly militarized force used against my son and his brother Christian — who I consider a second son — is deplorable.”

In closing on Misa Hylton’s long, tongue lashing, post, she say’s she is getting an attorney.

Folks is going to stop messing with Miss Misa’s baby.

Take a look at the video below.



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