Meek Mills Dream Incentive To Peace Has Become A Nightmare

Meek Mills Dream Incentive To Peace Has Become A Nightmare

The rapper Meek Mills rode in the justice system unjustifiably for way longer than he should have due to systemic racism and an over zealous judge in Philadelphia.  Since then Meek Mills has made it his mission to help others overcome an unjustified fate at the hands of someone’s idea that because of the color of their skin that should dictate their innocence and sentence.  

Meek Mill’s ordeal with the justice system was the birth of him and Jay-Z’s Reform Alliance . However Meek Mill’s recognizes that in order to makes waves with systemic racism we have to start with ourselves and put our senseless beef’s on a shelf so that we are not given our oppressors an excuse for their unjust behavior.  So Meek Mill decided to put his dreams of overcoming in the form of an incentive by offering record deals to Philadelphia  residents if they put their beefs aside and let bygones be bygones.  Unfortunately the idea turned into a nightmare when folks that are satisfied with the status quo decided to come for Meek on social media:

“messing with their opps.” “You is from 63rd bro, whatever that is. You not from North bro. You banned bro,”

So Meek Mill in turn did the manly thing and shut all of his social media down until Friday when he drops new music.

“Im deactivating til friday when I got music out!!!!!!.”

What ever is going on is really irrelevant because the harsh truth is we will never overcome until we operate as one.

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