Kirk Franklin DNA Results Reveal His Biological Father After 53 Years [VIDEO]

Kirk Franklin Revealed DNA Results Now He Reveal His Real Biological Father [VIDEO]

A few weeks back Kirk Franklin posted a video on his social media speaking with someone who appears to be giving Kirk Franklin DNA results that it was a 99.9% match.  Social Media bit on the guessing game as to whether Kirk Franklin had fathered a child outside his marriage.

Well the results of the mystery DNA results are in, and Kirk Franklin is revealing that DNA results were of his own biological fathers confirming that Kirk Franklin was indeed his son.

Kirk Franklins mother had him at a very young age.  Kirk was always told that another man was his father and while rumors swirled that another man that lived ten minutes away from him was his father.  While filming a documentary for his upcoming new album ‘Fathers Day’ he discovered that the rumors were true and the man he thought was his father all these years was not.

Although Kirk Franklin’s mother refuses to believe the TWO DNA test that was taken, the Grammy award winning artists says has met his real father finally at the age of 53.  Kirk Franklins biological father says he was a young teen when he dated Kirk’s mother and never knew that he was his.  Not only has it been revealed that Kirk has met his dad he has also learned that he has a sister as well.

Franklin’s new documentary Father’s Day streaming on YouTube, take a look below.


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