Happy Birthday Queen Gloria James #KingJames

Happy Birthday Queen Gloria James #KingJames

None of us would be nothing if it weren’t for our mother, and no mater how high or low we get, no matter what we go through, or when the lights go off and the people/so called friends go away, if no one is still around the one person that will be, is your mother.  And that rule apply’s to LeBron James as well.  However nobody has to remind King James, that in the words of  The O’Jay’s ♫ I’ll always love my Mama, she’s my favorite girl ♫, that his mother, Gloria James, is his ride or die, and every chance he gets he is going to let people know that he is a Queen in his life and WILL be celebrated. 

LeBron James took to his Instagram page today to pay tribute to his mother, Just a Mother From Akron, Gloria James for her dirty 30 birthday, that followed with a winky face emoji. 

Welcome to the dirty 30s momma!! Happy 30th bday 😉 beautiful Queen of all Queens! All I can say is that I’m lucky as hell to be your son and that I’m thankful for that every single day!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Enjoy your day! LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE #JamesGang👑

Gloria James who is now 52 years young is not only the mother of LeBron James, partner in life, but Gloria is also his partner in giving back in Akron, Ohio with The LeBron James Family Foundation.

Happy Birthday Queen Gloria James and may you be blessed with many more.



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